Do I need to purchase each email separately?

by Bjorn Forsberg

Feb 10, 2016

No, with each design purchased you get a full package of 25 email templates, listed below:

  • Order confirmation
  • Order edited
  • Order edit invoice
  • Order cancelled
  • Refund notification
  • Draft order invoice
  • Buy online for Shopify POS
  • Abandoned checkout notification
  • POS & mobile receipt
  • POS & exchange receipt
  • Gift card notification *
  • Payment error
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Shipping update
  • Shipment out for delivery
  • Shipment delivered
  • Return label instructions
  • Fulfillment request
  • Email marketing confirmation (German stores only)
  • Customer account activation
  • Customer account welcome
  • Customer password reset
  • Contact customer
  • New order notification
  • Blank template (for general use)

* The Gift Card notification requires that your store is subscribed to the Shopify Professional or Unlimited plan.

This also means that you don't need to style each email individually, as your settings will be applied to all of the emails in your package automatically.

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