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Setting up shop OrderlyEmails for Shopify - Setting up shop is done automatically

Setting up shop

We automatically load in your store information, so there’s no need to type all your standard details.

Make it your own OrderlyEmails for Shopify - Make it your own

Make it your own

Upload your own logo, choose colors, fonts and edit wording in seconds. Watch as it's all previewed for you in real time.

Quick and easy editing OrderlyEmails for Shopify - Quick and easy editing

Quick and easy editing

Our smart editor means you never have to touch a line of code again, and will have great designs in minutes!

Get the whole set OrderlyEmails for Shopify - Every email you need

Every email you need

We support all of the emails available for customization in Shopify, so you'll have matching designs for everything.


Next Generation Email Design! The ROI on this app is insane! Drives customers back to my site to buy again and I only paid a one-time fee!!!

Not using the app literally means leaving money on the table. The support is very responsive and helpful. A Must App for every Shopify store owner :)

So happy I discovered this email service. I always wondered how could I brand my emails nicely and found my answer. And on top of that it was so easy to do too. Thank you

Extremely happy with this app! Very easy to set-up all of our notifications. We love the clean looking templates. Don't miss out on this's a keeper!


Pick your starting point. Each design includes all 18 emails Shopify supports, and can styled to look any way you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know, and probably some stuff you don't.

Do I need a Shopify account to use these email designs?

Yes, these templates are specifically designed for Shopify.

The email templates create by this app, replace the default email designs that come with Shopify, for example the Order Confirmation email.

Can I use my own logo, colors and wording in the email designs?

Yes, absolutely! Our designs come with preset colors, fonts etc but everything can be changed in the editor.. so you can take any design and make it your own.

Do I need to purchase each email separately?

No, with each design purchased you get a full package of 17 email templates, listed below:

  • Order Confirmation 
  • Draft Order Invoice 
  • POS & Mobile Receipt 
  • Shipping Confirmation 
  • Shipping Update 
  • Shipment Out for Delivery 
  • Shipment Delivered 
  • Order Cancelled 
  • Refund Notification 
  • New Order Notification
  • Fulfillment Request 
  • Contact Customer 
  • Customer Account Activation 
  • Customer Account Welcome 
  • Customer Password Reset 
  • Abandoned Checkout Notification * 
  • Gift Card Notification *

* The Abandoned Checkout and Gift Card notifications require that your store is subscribed to the Shopify Professional or Unlimited plan.

This also means that you don't need to style each email individually, as your settings will be applied to all of the emails in your package automatically.

Will these emails look great on mobile phones?

Yes, we have coded and tested these emails to look great in all major email clients. So whether your customer opens your email on their computer or on their iPhone, they will look great!

Will my customers receive duplicate emails, like with some other apps?

No! Unlike some other apps, our email templates replaces the email design only. Your emails are still being sent by your Shopify store in exactly the same way as before.

In other words, you are simply upgrading the look/function of your existing emails that are already being sent.

How long will this take?

About 10 minutes, from start to finish!

If you need to translate the emails into another language, it may take a little longer ;)

What do I receive when I make a purchase?

You get the full customized code of each email template in your design. To use the email code, you simple copy/paste it into your Shopify Admin replacing the old email design.

This means that you will have full access to the email template code itself, can make tweaks, and do what you like with it. You can also come back to the app at anytime to make adjustments and updates.

Our only restriction is that you only use the template for the store that you purchased it for ;)

Can I update my email designs after purchase?

Yes! Once you have purchased a design, it's yours to update and use as much as you want.

Updates are, and always will be, FREE! Just log back into the app to start editing.


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Translate your Shopify email notifications into 18 different languages, with a single click!

Apr 27, 2018

Translate your Shopify email notifications into 18 different languages, with a single click!

OrderlyEmails can now translate all of your Shopify email notifications into the following 18 languages, with a single click! 

If your language is not listed, don't worry! You can still easily translate all text in your emails using the editor.

Read more


A small Copenhagen based design & development studio, with a focus on making Shopify better -

Over the past six years we have developed and run the popular Order Printer Templates and OrderlyPrint apps, which now help thousands of stores ship thier orders more effectively.

We realized that not all people need a full blown monthly email service when starting out or growing, but still need professional email templates for Shopify in a simple way. So we created OrderlyEmails to fulfill that exact need.

We care deeply about easy-to-use applications, great service and fair pricing...our customers seem to like that, and so do we!