Introducing Venue, in collaboration with Safe As Milk

Nov 07, 2017

Venue is the perfect email theme for a growing artisanal business. Designed in collaboration with Safe As Milk, these emails match their beautiful Venue Shopify theme perfectly.

Introducing the Empire email templates for Shopify

Oct 12, 2017

Empire is an Amazon-inspired email theme optimized for large catalogs. Created in collaboration with Pixel Union, these emails match their popular Shopify theme perfectly.

Open, click and conversion tracking for Shopify notification emails

Sep 28, 2017

OrderlyEmails now includes comprehensive open, click and conversion tracking in every email template, at no additional costFinally you can see which traffic and conversions are coming from notification emails, including the all important abandoned cart, and customer welcome emails.

Introducing the Atlantic email templates for Shopify

Sep 12, 2017

The team at Pixel Union create some of the greatest ecommerce themes available to Shopify stores. That's why we've collaborated with Pixel Union to bring you the Atlantic email templates for Shopify.

New Marketing Features!

Sep 07, 2016

Notification emails have one of the highest opening rates of any email that customers receive, so it only makes sense to include special offers and recommended products in those emails.. increasing your chances of additional purchases.

OrderlyEmails makes it easy to include:

  • Automated Product Recommendations
  • Discount codes, in the right emails at the right time
  • Social Profiles and campaign images
  • Links to ongoing sales and important info

4 new Shopify email notifications

May 27, 2016

OrderlyEmails now supports the 4 new email notifications added by Shopify this week:

  • Draft order invoice
  • Shipment out for delivery
  • Shipment delivered
  • Contact customer

Official launch of OrderlyEmails!

Apr 26, 2016

OrderlyEmails for Shopify is now in BETA

Feb 11, 2016

After months of hard work, OrderlyEmails for Shopify is now at a stage now where we'd love to get real life feedback on it, and so are welcoming people to try it out.

Beta testers will get access to the current templates at a reduced cost, in exchange for feedback :)