Price change for OrderlyEmails coming soon

OrderlyEmails helps design your Shopify store's email notifications to match your brand and site. It customises your Order confirmation, Shipping confirmation and all the other emails that come with Shopify.

From July 1st, 2022 OrderlyEmails will change to be a yearly subscription of $99 per email theme, instead of the one-time purchase of $49 per email theme that it is right now. Already purchased email themes will not need to subscribe.

We are making this change to ensure we can continue to focus and improve OrderlyEmails for the future, while still keeping the pricing fair.

Do yourself a favour and login and buy before July 1st 2022, to save some money. You can of course still purchase after this date, at the new price.

25.000+ Shopify stores already use OrderlyEmails

We’re firm believers in beautiful and professional emails that create an unbeatable customer experience and keep them coming back. I mean, who doesn't want custom, well-branded emails!

The app is simple to use, with a “Magic Designer’ editor that allows you, with a single click, to automatically import your logo, color, and font styles. All of this allows you to create email notification designs that suits your brand aesthetic - no coding experience required!

Haven't started designing your emails yet?

Don't worry - It's super easy. Just follow these four steps:


Our friendly support team is available 24 / 7 if you need any help, and typically reply in under 30 minutes.

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