New Marketing Features!

3 marketing features, that will boost your Shopify email revenue.

Over the past few months, we've been working hard to add marketing and upsell features to OrderlyEmails. 

Notification emails have one of the highest opening rates of any email that customers receive, so it only makes sense to include special offers and recommended products in those emails.. increasing your chances of additional purchases.


Product recommendations

Adding a number of product recommendations to your Order confirmation, or Shipping confirmation emails sent from your Shopify store is a great way to upsell to existing customers.

We've now made it super simple to add product recommendations to your Shopify emails, that automatically update themselves over time.. and is completely free to use with any theme purchase.

In the OrderlyEmails editor, just go into the Marketing & Upsells section, and activate the feature "Show product recommendations".

The email will then update with a section towards the bottom titled "You May Also Like", showing your best-selling products that have not already been purchased by the customer. Example shown in image below

The product recommendations can be added to the following Shopify email templates:

  • Order confirmation
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Account Welcome
  • Abandoned Checkout


Discount codes

A discount code provided at the right time, is another great way to get customers coming back to your store, or that final nudge needed to make the first sale.

You can now add a Discount section to your Shopify email templates, which can be used only once per customer.

This is a great addition to your Shipping confirmation or Abandoned Checkout emails to get customers to place that next order.

Note: We do not recommend adding discounts to your Order confirmation emails (as some other apps do), as it encourages customers to cancel the current order, only to place the same order with a discount applied.. losing you valuable revenue!


Links to your campaigns and site

A simple, yet often overlooked element of a good notification email design for your Shopify store, is to include a set of links (menu) to your site for ongoing sales, contact info and your about us pages.

We recommend at least including the following links in all of your notification emails in the Marketing & Upsells section of the email template editor:

    1. A "Shop Now" link to your homepage, giving customers a quick way to get back to your store. Remember, many customers will access old emails, when looking to shop.
    2. An "On Sale" link to any ongoing promotion. This is a great way to get those price conscious shoppers back on your site.
    3. A "Our Story" link, to your About Us page. Customers are more likely to purchase from stores that they know more about, so tell your story.

In addition to the above links, we highly recommend including any Social Media profiles that you use. This can be done within the Social Media section of the editor, where you can add links as well as control the styling of your social icons.


Example Shipping Confirmation email for Shopify, with the above Marketing features enabled.



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