New template: Shopify "B2B access" email

OrderlyEmails now supports the latest email notification that Shopify have added to your Shopify Admin.

B2B access email

Shopify added the "B2B access email", which is sent to a customer when they are added to a company in the Shopify admin. You can learn more about the new B2B company accounts on the Shopify help center if needed.

The button in the email links to the new password-less login Customer account page, which can be used for both B2B customer and regular customers of your Shopify store.

B2B access email example screenshot

Use this new email template to update the Shopify email notification setting of your Admin:

B2B access email in the Shopify email notifications settings


Available in all OrderlyEmails accounts now

This new email type has been added to all existing themes and is available in your OrderlyEmails account automatically now. Login to customize the design, wording and layout of your emails in our editor.

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